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Although our specialty is Designing and Building new homes, we also apply the same concept to large renovations.

If you are adding a new wing, or a new floor to your existing house then chances are we can help you.  We specialise in making the process as seamless as possible for you by eliminating the unknowns.

Once we produce the working drawings for the renovation (or if you already have drawings we can price from them), we are able to provide you with a fixed price and fixed completion date for your renovation.  So often the problem with renovations is that they drag on and on, and the cost goes up and up.  Having a fixed price eliminates this risk to you (in some cases there may be some unknowns lurking behind the walls that may not be able to be costed), and gives you peace of mind that your renovation will come in within budget.

To achieve this, we apply exactly the same principals to the renovation as we do our new home builds - we limit the number we do each year to ensure every home receives the individual attention required to meet the highest of quality standards. 

Bowl & Build

Land is scarce, so it is becoming common for owners of older homes to knock them down or move them, and build something new in their place.

At Palladium Homes we have the expertise and contacts to help you with all aspects of this process, to make the process of building your new home as seamless as possible.

The rules for different areas vary, so contact us for a meeting so we can discuss your requirements.

Get in touch with us to make time to meet, and we will visit your home to have a look at the changes you would like to make.


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