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About Us

At Palladium Homes we believe in quality, not quantity. We limit the number of homes we design and build each year to ensure every home receives the individual attention required to meet the highest of quality standards. We can design your home for you from scratch, or modify or build from an existing set of plans that you already have. We cover all of Greater Auckland, Tauranga, the Waikato and the Bay of Plenty, and are more than happy to meet you on site when it suits you.

We don't run expensive mainstream TV adverts. We don't have loads of sales staff. We don't have masses of office staff or the associated costs of those staff and other overheads. We are a medium sized New Zealand owned company led from the front by the people that own it. This allows us to focus solely on the task at hand - producing the highest quality product. And because we do not have to cover the costs of all of the overheads that our competitors carry, 'we guarantee to design and build your home for less than any of our major competitors' regardless of whether it is a $300,000 home or a $3,000,000 home.

At the heart of the company are the owners - Kirk Davis and Jason Shields. Both Kirk and Jay are born and bred in New Zealand, and between them they have more than 20 years of experience with building homes.

Kirk has a background in Marketing and Accounting (with a Bachelor of Business Degree in both), and has spent a significant amount of time travelling the world during his 6 years as a Project Manager for the Real Estate division of a large oil company based in London.

Jason has an extensive background in engineering, having owned his own business for many years prior to selling up and joining with Kirk in Palladium Homes. This has given him an excellent eye for detail, and means he does not compromise on quality.

We value the opinions of all of our customers, so we also have a Facebook site where the progress of projects is shown (subject to the customer approval), and blogs and testimonials from customers and non customers can be posted.

You can call us directly at any time on (09) 536 5808 with your query, and we will do our best to answer it straight away!