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At Palladium Homes we realise that choosing who is going to build your new home is a huge decision, and one that you have to be 100% percent sure of. That is why we have structured our company how we have - the owners of the business work in the business and you will be working with one or both of them from the Dream stage, right through the Design, and to the completion of the Build.

We understand that you have to trust us as people before you can trust us as a company, so we try and make that as easy for you as possible.

The PSQ Promise

Our promise to you is simple;
We guarantee that we will not be beaten on Price, Service and Quality by anyone else in the industry.

If you believe that you are getting any of the PSQ's better from anyone else, make sure you contact us and we will make sure we beat it!

Palladium 7-Year Guarantee

Naturally, we have confidence in our work, and we provide you with a Palladium Homes 7-Year Guarantee as standard with all of our build contracts.

Homefirst Builders Guarantee

We give you the option to have a completely separate 10 Year Homefirst Builders Guarantee, in addition to the Palladium Homes Guarantee. This covers items such as your deposit, completion of the home, and any defects after the completion of the home for up to 10 Years. This guarantee is in opposition to the Master Builders guarantee - we have chosen this one because it is more flexible for you - it can be transferred to the new owner when you sell - and has wider ranging cover to protect your asset. You can read more about this here...

Licensed Building Practitoner

At Palladium Homes, we are also Licensed by the Department of Building and Housing as Licensed Building Practitioners. This is a recent introduction and all members of the industry must be registered by March 2012. At Palladium Homes we believe this is an important aspect to giving our customers confidence in our abilities, so we have ensured that we are registered long before it becomes compulsory.