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First Home Buyer Zero Deposit!

At Palladium Homes we know how hard it is to get in to your first home and get a foot on the Real Estate ladder. So, we have put together a programme where you can apply to build a new home with Zero deposit! We will pay up to 10% deposit towards your new home, allowing you to borrow 90% from the bank to fund the rest.

That means you don't have to put any money in, meaning you can move into your own home now, instead of paying rent while you save for that huge deposit.  If you already have a deposit but are saving for a larger one, we can tailor it for you so that you use what deposit you have to build the home.

Now this may sound too good to be true, but it comes with conditions.  Firstly, you have to apply to be accepted into the programme, and we only accept a very limited number each year.  You also have to have a good credit rating (the bank needs to be satisfied that you will be able to repay the loan for the 90% of the home), and will need to have an income to service the bank loan.

We can do this on a house and land package where we find the land with you, design and then build the home for you, or we can build on land you already own.  Either way, if you get accepted, we will pay the deposit required (limits apply).

This programme is designed for First Home Buyers to give you a step up on the ladder.  Your total budget should be in the vicinity of $600,000 +/- including both the land and the house - this allows $300,000 for the land, and $300,000 for the house.  Lower budgets can be accommodated, as can larger budgets, but the numbers given are a sensible guideline for a first home buyer, and represent average values in Auckland.  This programme applies to a new home being built anywhere in Greater Auckland.

For full details of the programme, you can call us direct on 0800 Palladium, or click on the button below.  To get started, simply click below, but don't delay as we only do a few of these a year.


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